Philippines Solution for PUJ

The first Philippine manufactured Electric Jeepney coasts down a street in Makati City, Manila. The first public transport system of its kind in Southeast Asia, the E-Jeepney intends to steer clear of the use of fossil fuels to help mitigate climate change while addressing problems such as air pollution, solid waste, and rising oil prices.

To whom it "maybe" concern

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Would you please kindly do something.
Specially those who are in right position.

Sincerely yours,

Makati City, Philippines

The Beauty Of Makati City, Philippines
Business Capital of the Philippines

Good Morning Makati City!!!

Country's Grovernment Ignorance

Woman Collecting Ground Water for Drinking from the Riverbed of Yamuna, Behind Taj

...Still we Filipinos are lucky to have plenty of water





where is your PROMISE?